Hi my name is Jade. I love animals! I have one cat and one dog, who have lived together for four months now and still don't get on! I am studying to be a dog trainer/behaviourist And I currently work at a boarding kennels Emotion: smile
Pets: 2 Favourite animal: Cat
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my bitch bordeu x x staffie gets jealouse when me and wife cuddle
  ^ don't include her in cuddling. She needs to know that's not her space. If she's trying to get near you or starts acting posessive when you and your wife are close, back your wife away a little and make the dog leave/get down/sit.
  That's absolutely right, when she starts acting jealous, the you need to tell her off. If you praise her for this behaviour by including her, her possessiveness will only get worse
 Oops, wrong advice on my end! Makes more sense what you guys are saying, sorry Emotion: sad
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Just falling in love with dogs. What do i start with??
  Decide on the size of dog and let us know if you have a family with kids or if you live in an apartment or will the dog have an outside area etc?
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