Is anyone going to participate? I think I will. Emotion: smile

On 12.12.12 just focus on positive thoughts about our planet and yourself for 30 mins, starting at the time mentioned below.


Western Hemisphere: Buenos Aires 11:30 pm ART Montreal 9:30 pm EST Mexico City 8:30 pm CST New York 9:30 pm EST Los Angeles 6:30 pm PT Anchorage 5:30 pm
Eastern Hemisphere: Sydney 11:30 pm EDT Algiers 1:30 pm CET Beijing 8:30 pm CST Cairo 2:30 pm EET Paris 1:30 pm CET Athens 2:30 pm EET Hong Kong 8:30 pm HKT Moscow 4:30 pm MSK Tehran 4:00 pm IRST New Delhi 6:00 pm IST Jerusalem 2:30 pm IST Rome 1:30 pm CET
Yes, I am!
I'm late but I hope everything went well.
I didn't participate (because I read the post just now) but what I want to say is that I can't stop being amazed at the modern communication and internet in particular. How would this be possible let's say 20 years ago? It wouldn't. Now people from all over the word can know what other people are doing at the very same moment and join them in thoughts, and this is simply fantastic.
It was such a wonderful and emotional experience, never thought it would have such an impact on me. They gave great guidance through the video Emotion: smile Did you join in Ruslana?
Oh was there another video we were supposed to watch? Oops. I must have misunderstood the idea, then. Yes, I joined at the appointed time but I was just meditating without watching any more videos. I was sending out good vibes to the world knowing that I was not alone doing it. I did feel there was some power it that all, though. Emotion: smile Now I should go and watch the guidance video you're talking about! Silly me, lol.