Terrible news:

"PLANO, Texas Emotion: travel — A man who previously kept dead animals in cold storage and dozens more living in filthy conditions in a Dallas home was under investigation Monday after police found almost two dozen cats in his suburban motel room. Plano police stopped the man on Sunday and found he had outstanding warrants for animal cruelty and outdated animal vaccinations related to his previous case.
The man told police Monday morning that several cats at a Plano motel needed attention, The Dallas Morning News reported in its online edition.
When officers went to the motel, they found 21 cats in a room.
Authorities said newspapers found in the room suggest the man had obtained cats listed in classified ads. Officials also found receipts showing he had been paying for several motel rooms for some time.
It's unclear how long the man had kept the cats at the motel or if he had been living there. Plano Animal Services will decide whether to press animal cruelty charges once the conditions of the cats have been assessed, department manager Jamey Cantrell said.
In July 2007, the man led police on a high-speed chase and later claimed he was rushing his sick cat to the veterinarian. Animal control officials and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas then found several dead cats inside a refrigerator and freezer during a search of the man's home.
Workers also removed dozens of dogs and cats from his home, which had feces and urine-soaked furniture, hundreds of empty cans of food and litter boxes full of feces, the SPCA of Texas said in a statement."
Here's some more info on that nutter..

Source - Google news
That is just terrible... Poor cats. Emotion: sad
Not to mention "Later, more than 70 animals were discovered at his Dallas home, including some that were dead and wrapped in towels inside his refrigerator." What a sicko!!
Good God some people shouldn't be allowed to have pets. Wait a minutes how do you sneak 21 cats into a hotel, I tried to sneak two girls into a hotel a few years back. This guy should have to live through what he put them through!
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