My cat salem gets regular vet visits, but his last blood test was 2 years ago, I have no extra money to pay for it but I try when I can.
He has been diagnosed with high blood pressure causing this frequent urination before and has been on fortekor 2.5 once a day with food and potassium supplements due to a deficiency caused by the urination.
He has been doing fine up until a few weeks ago where he's been urinating and drinking more frequently. I'm wondering if this is a worsened blood pressure or more likely something else.
The fortekor was helping substantially when we started 2 years ago and its only just seeming to do nothing.
I guess the easy answer is pay 70 for a consult and another 30 for blood pressure, failing that, start saving for bloods, but I'm curious what the general consensus.
His bloods 2 years ago were perfect with an exception to the potassium levels.

Aside from this he has a healthy appetite, is bright eyed and doing quite well for his age!

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