Please help! My 4yr old daughter loves her dog Blu. Blu is a 2years old french dog and still isn't house trained. We got Blu when she was 1yrs old. The feeding is timed and outside after feeding is timed. A week or 2 everything is fine but soon as you turn your back she'll take off and poop in house out of sight when no one is looking. Rugs are her first choice. We tried crate training for about 2 months it seems to work for a short time but then she'll go hide and pop or pee when no ne is looking again! I feel it's unfair to have a dog in the crate all day. But it seems like that's the only way to control the accidents. If this keeps up she'll be up for adoption. We paid thousands of dollars for Blu and she is so loving and really want it workout. Please advise what to do.


We had a similar problem when our dog was younger. He would pee sometimes poop indoors as well. Usually in the same spots. One of them being the oriental rug. Needless to say this was also causing problems with my wife who was not happy about the behaviour of, "my dog." What worked for us was getting an artificial grass pad that had a container underneath so that it could store the urine and be emptied out. Then then we got a dog pee post fire hydrant to lift his leg on. We sprayed the rug with an enzymatic cleaner to help break down any traces of urine or poop that he could smell so that he wouln't associate them with his potty spot. And we got a spray that makes dogs want to go to the bathroom in specific spots and we sprayed the hydrant and pad. Im not positive if the spray worked or not, but he did start using the hydrant and pad on his own and stopped going to the bathroom everywhere else. It became his new bathroom spot. Then we moved the pad near the door. And then on the porch and then in the yard. Then we took the pad away and left just the hydrant. Now that's his offical and final toilet spot. Anyway hope this gives you some help, and here's an article with some more helpful ideas: A Dog Fire Hydrant Potty Is Your Lawn's Best Friend .