A couple of days ago my golden retriever was hesitant to go up the stairs and when she got up, she went to jump on the bed and cried. now she wont go up the stairs at all. We have tried luring her with treats and only a couple times it has worked. She is normal with her other physical activity and other stairs she is fine going up. Also, we took her to the vet and they thought it was her back so we got pain killers. However, why would it be that when she can get in the car fine? Any suggestions on what it could be?
Yes that is odd if she is climbing up other stairs. Is there anything she could have had a scary experience with upstairs that you didn't notice, with someone else in the house? Or something fell and gave her a big fright?
She has had a seizure upstairs before so we are wondering if that could be connected. We turned off or unplugged anything that made a weird noise. Last night she came up the stairs without a lot of discomfort. She slept on her bed that we brought upstairs all night and even this morning. Actually, just now she came up on her own... Thank you for your help though!
Glad to hear that, I love animals so let me know if you have any more questions :-)