We have an adorable 7 months old kitten. He's very playful and active, with a good appetite. The only problem is that he vomits about 2 times a week. The vomit is usually gastric acid or food. It always happens in the morning. What can be wrong? Thank you.
I would hazard a guess that he's allergic or has some sort of intolerance to his food. My cat threw up almost daily for years, but showed no sign of being sick otherwise. I changed his diet to holistic food and the vomitting stopped. Since being on holistic food, he only throws up the occasional hairball.

I would suggest that switching to holistic is the first thing you try. It costs a bit more, but because cats's bodies use more of the food, they eat less.

Google the term "holistic cat food" to get some names of products, then Google local retailers who carry it. Let us know how you make out. Emotion: smile
I would agree, except some holistic foods still contain grains and what you want to do is go completely grain free. For dogs it's a little easier on their digestive systems, for cats not so much. Cats are obligate carnivores and need a high protein, grain free, low carb diet. Also, make sure to try and get rid of dry food. Dry is causing major issues with so many cats, from indigestion to lately a lot of food poisonings due to all kinds of bacteria and mold growing in bags. Wet food is always the better option anyways, dry is completely over processed and does nothing but rob the body of nutrients and moisture. I hope your kitten feels better soon I have a list of all grain free foods out there on my website if that's easier for you: http://ibdkitties.net/Food.html .