So some background on my boy - Sawyer is a 7-ish year old lab/shepherd/husky mix weighing in at a fit 70 lbs. I adopted him from a shelter when he was about 7 months old and when I brought him home to a two story house he took to the (carpeted) stairs rather quickly and didn't have any problems with them for the next six years of his life.

Fast forward - I've recently moved into a second floor apartment, so, naturally, there are stairs. These stairs are concrete but don't pivot, it's a straight shot. At first Sawyer was a bit timid using them, but he got the hang of it and has been going up and down with no problems for two weeks now. But suddenly, this morning, I went to take him outside and he stalled at the top of the stairs. He. Will. Not. Budge. Not for treats, cheese, turkey, squeaky ball, or bones. I've tried going to the bottom and calling and coaxing him down, but that only stresses him out more; he's all whining and pacing.

I've checked his paws, nothing there; his eyesight was fine at our last check up but I guess that could have changed but it just seems so sudden. I'm always with him when we go outside and I don't remember anything that would have spooked him on the way up or down.

Poor thing hasn't gotten his breakfast this morning because I didn't want to fill his tummy anymore. I tried to take him down during my lunch break and it is still a no go. When I get off of work today I'm hoping my roommate and I can coax him down, but at this point I'm worried we won't.

Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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