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Howdy Monika,
You are right about butt in face beinga dog thing :-) I can relate!=A1 With 2 Salukis I get it in STEREO :-) (-:
Frank X. Morris
Howdy Lynn K.,
Salukis will take whatever you give them :-) In their eyes they aren't spoiled, but deserve all that someone of their royal stature deserves :-) And we, their loyal servants, obediantly provide LOL

Frank X. Morris
Howdy All, This question came up in a car forum ... gunny sack full of deer antlers Frank X. Morris http://community.webtv.net/Sulkhalil/SalukiCornerChime
The beloved and much missed Maggie (Golden Retriever) had a set sleeping pattern until I moved back home for a month last October. She would start off sharing a bed with my mum (who had the king), move onto my dad's (full size), head out into the hallway (our rooms formed a sort of triangle) right between the rooms and doze for a while, then join me (twin) for the rest of the night / until a parent awoke and she knew she could get food.

In October, though, she slept on the king with me (mother switched rooms to steal mine), as close as she could get. During her "schedule", she carefully deposited all her toys except for her favorite in the middle of the triangle so that even if she weren't there, the stuffies were still watching over us.
The first time I brought my SO home was Christmas, and we curled up on the loveseat to watch a movie, and she jumped up between us, stretched out across us. We woke up the next morning to find that we had all fallen asleep and that our laps were numb Emotion: smile No better way to wake up.

There's a reason I have to have a big dog: I want a bit more than a foot warmer. On cold winter nights, nothing beats a big furry dog and a thousand or so stuffed toys (carefully deposited before jumping into bed for the night, of course!) to keep you warm. Unfortunately this really only works if sleeping alone... otherwise you end up completely immobilized by the dog on top of you. Who am I to complain, though?
Howdy All, This question came up in a car forum I participate in and it had a great response so ... waterbed with them :-) Having Salukis in the bed is like sleeping with a gunny sack full of deer antlers

LOL great mental image!
Murphy sleeps on a beanbag in our room.
She gets to snooze on the bed with dad while I have a shower in the evening, then big meanie mum comes along and kicks her off the bed and onto her beanbag.
(New Zealand)
Both our Beagle and our Pom sleep between hubby and me. The Beagle kicks like crazy in his sleep, and sometimes I end up on the Futon.