My eight week old kitten Sophie looks so sick. We took her to the vet a couple days ago and said she had worms and was malnourished. We removed her from the mother and started feeding her turkey gerber baby food upon the vet's request. We also have another kitten that is very healthy, and we've been feeding her wet food. Sophie stared eating the wet food on her own, and for about a day and a half looked better.

But now she looks terrible. She's completely lethargic and always sleeps on the the tile in her bathroom with her chin literally in the water in their water bowl.She looks mangy and grumpy and she's all bones. She's been vomiting since yesterday and seems to be in a fast health drop.She doesn't like to be pet, played with, touched, or held so I'm at a loss. Please help!
this is a life threatening emergency!!! Please PLEASE get her to the VET NOW!