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I have a teddy bear aswell, Bam Bam"
He is 10 weeks, Bam Bam loves to play with my 2 year old boy.
they play so much that he sleeps all night from 9PM
5AM thats when i get up for work i take him out side wild i start my
car He releases like a champ, than at 9am he gets his food 30 minutes asgrer its time for him to go outside again
he also lets us know when he starts sniffing around..
its probably because she either REALLY wants to annoy you or she needs food...
My puppy has been on puppy formula and I recently started feeding him puppy chow and he's 8 weeks , I was wonder if it's normal that he has diarrhea and it's brown so no signs of Illness.

My Teddy bear is weeks old. He ate some dry food the first day, but has not been really eating. The breeder told me to put peanut butter on the roof of his mouth to get him licking. I mixed his wet food with the peanut butter and he loved it. How much peanut butter is too much for him?