Ok I just bought her and she's 8 weeks old. I'm not to sure how to potty train her. We're using the pads she does alright but it's only when she's in the pen area she uses it. Also, she doesn't use it in front of us. When shes out she will have a mistake but How can I get her to keep going to that same area to use the bathroom? And every two hours shes whining at night. Why? Then at 7am she whining non stop. I thought she would be hungry or thirsty but the people we bought her from said they fed her at 10 am and 6 pm. Should I feed her at 7am when she's whining and or should I let her have access to water all night? Sorry for the multiple questions I really need help
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Hi Nikki, welcome here.

Why do you want to train her to go potty IN the house? Normally dogs go potty outside, even small ones, because that's the right place for them to do it. If you'd like to minimize the time of taking her out, I'd want to dissuade you from doing this because all dogs need daily walks regardless of their size. Dogs are not cats. Please read this article for more information: dog behavior and needs . Here is another article about house training a puppy .

There are different opinions about how often 8 week old puppies should be fed. Some say 2 times a day is okay, but some insist on 3 times a day. Try giving her food and if she calms down after it, that's probably what she wanted. However make sure you don't overfeed her, and you'll need to stop night feedings when she grows up.

She may whine for many other reasons, including loneliness. She's been separated from her mother and siblings and is in a totally unknown environment now. This alone is a big stress. Does she calm down when you come? If she does, she probably feels lonely. Earlier today I answered another person who wondered how to make a puppy stop crying from loneliness at night, you may want to read it too: http://mysmelly.com/Archive/PuppyWontStopCryingNight/ckkjh/post.htm

Does she pee after whining? If yes, she needs to be taken out.

You may let her have access to water all night but be ready for accidents because puppies usually pee shortly after drinking. That's why many dog experts recommend to remove water bowls an hour prior to bed time. 8 week old puppies can generally hold their urine for about 3 hours, although it depends on the dog. You will need to take her out at least every 3 hours to get her "housebroken", including night.

If you want her to use the pads at night and eliminate outside during the day, it will most probably just confuse her. She won't understand why she has to do the same thing in different places at different times. That is another reason to train her to go potty only outside. Once she has got the idea, you should have much less trouble with accidents, because she'll know that any place in the house is forbidden to soil, and she'll be giving you signs to go out when she needs to. This conception is just easier for dogs to understand.

Please feel free to ask more questions, should you have any.

Well it's not me that wants to keep her in. My friend wants to train her to use the bathroom on the pads in the house. We got her on Monday. First day she did good with the pad. I've been working since so she's been watching the dog all day and says she uses the bathroom on the pad but only if she puts her in the pen otherwise it's on the floor. When I come home and get settled I play with her. Is the reason she cries at night because she sleeps a lot during the day?
When I go in the room at night to tell her to lay down and put her in her bed she wants to play and roll around
Nikkihe uses the bathroom on the pad but only if she puts her in the pen otherwise it's on the floor.
That's normal. That's how you teach a puppy to use the right place to eliminate. You should watch her closely and, as soon as she's giving signs like sniffing around or trying to squat, she should be taken to the elimination spot (which I'm still sure should be outside). She will get the idea eventually but you shouldn't expect her to do it just after a few days. Please be patient. Don't forget to praise her every time she's done the right thing.

8 week old puppies sleep approximately 18 to 22 hours a day. The rest they spend eating, playing and eliminating. Puppies are full of energy so when they are not asleep, they should be given an opportunity to drain their energy by playing and walking (if all shots are done). So the answer to your question is yes, she may be crying because she wants to play. If no one plays with her and walks her when she's awake during the day, she'll "busy" herself by sleeping. Obviously, when she wakes up, she wants some activity. Perhaps you should reconsider her schedule and dedicate more time to her during the day. If you cannot do this, take her for a walk and play with her intensively when you can, twice a day at least, before you go to work in the morning and before bed time in the evening. A considerable amount of physical exercise can fix and prevent a lot of behavior problems in dogs. Do you take her for walks?

I do play with her as soon as I get home until the time I get ready for bed I'm not sure what my friend is doing though. And yes I walked her
That's good. Perhaps ask your friend if she can play and walk with her too so that you both have a peaceful sleep. Do you have any pictures by any chance? I'm sure the girls here would love seeing a teddy bear puppy. Emotion: smile
Thanks for your help.
Hey I have a teddy bear pup and she whines at night because she wants to play. Play with her for a while and then put her back on her bed. I do that and she sleeps for a while. Or you can let her sleep on the bed with you, they don't want to be alone and they would want someone by their side to know they are save while they are sleeping. I hope this helps!
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