I have a 9 months old male cross black labrador. But since last five months he is having irregular meals. However when I had a visit to my home town, the Vet gave some bacterial tablets & he started to have his full meal. However after 45 days he again started to have irrgeular diets. We have tried :1) rice mixed boiled eggs 2) Rice mixed shredded chicken 3) milk + chappatis 4)drools (wet & dry both separately). But now we do not understand anything & he troubles a lot. According to vet he has become choicy of food.

Please guide. Any clarifications most welocme.
So, from what I understand you have a fussy dog? Does he always have a little bit of everything you try? If so he is winning this game. He will not be happy until he is getting steak cooked exactly how he likes it. I assume he is healthy otherwise as you have seen your vet.

I had this problem. My dog wouldn't eat so I gave him something better every meal until I was cooking him a better dinner than I was having. So I went to my vet.

The answer? Put him on a normal diet (my choice was dry kibble) and keep him on it. If he doesn't eat after 10 minutes, pick the bowl up and wait until the next meal before feeding him anything else. Repeat this. Yes, it may take a couple of days of hunger strike but a healthy dog would rather eat than starve to death.

Also, how much exercise is your dog getting? Taking your dog out for a couple of hours of off lead exercise should help work up an appetite. But be sure to wait at least half an hour after the walk before feeding.

Good luck!

Milk and chappatis is NOT good for a dog