What is it that makes a good dog???
One that does everything you tell it to? Maybe but not really.

One that is always good when you leave it alone???

Possibly but that's missing the point.
OK how about a dog that's HANDSOME and well behaved, well your getting well away now.
How about a dog that doesn't assume anything, a dog that is just happy because it is!!!
A dog that sits on the deck with you when it's cold and blustery? A dog that sits under your legs while you watch TV or type on the puter?? A dog that likes to hear nothing more than it's a good dog from the person it most wants to protect!!!
Maybe a dog that everyone told you was a bad dog but through your devotion and caring and belief turned out to be the most behaved and devoted dog anyone could ask for, maybe thats a good dog.

Well what ever it is I have 2 of the goodest dogs sitting under my legs right now and they are MY dogs and they are the best dogs in the world.!!


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