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It's hard not to blame yourself.()

You've got nothin' to feel guilty over, kiddo.

If you got the notion
I second that emotion

Handsome Jack Morrison
*gently remove the detonator to send me e-mail
I'm very sorry. Both he and the dog are lucky though in that they have each other and you. Some ... for the behavior change. I know its not much but at least he will have the opportunity to say goodbye.

Yes, and as a long term GSD person, I know I would feel much better knowing that the poor boy was suffering from a terminal medical condition than thinking that I had to put him down because he had just turned inexplicably agressive. It's terrible either way, though. My condolences.
If you got the notion I second that emotion

You friend, too, HJM. Sorrow, but no guilt. I really hope it helps.

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