This is seriously messed up!!! This owner has a beautiful 5 year old Abby that they want to get rid of soley for the purpose that she won't use the toilet instead of a litterbox. This isn't a joke either! Please take a look at this blog. The owner of this blog isn't the one getting rid of her, just relaying what she saw on an Abby group website. The kitty in need of a home is in Tampa, FL. Emotion: rolleyes
Wow, I'd never think that someone would want to re-home a cat just because of that. Emotion: sad I hope the kitty will find a new loving home, she's so beautiful!
It's absolutely horrible and makes me so mad! People can be so nuts. I'll keep you posted on if anyone takes her but I thought I'd post it here in case anyone lives in that area and would like her.
aaye i can't believe that someone wants to get rid of a cat because it's being a NORMAL cat Emotion: sad so sad. i shared the link on my facebook and twitter... i hope it'll help a bit!
We're not even sure now what exactly is happening because several people have tried to contact this person to get the cat away from them and they aren't responding at all. Some of us smell a rat here! Someone who is looking to sell her to the highest bidder. We're trying to find out if there's a way for someone who's local to them to see if they can check on this kitty and make sure she's okay. These people should not have any animals! We're not SURE this is what's happening but something funny is definitely going on here. I'll keep you posted.
if this is someone's joke it's definitely a bad joke! -.- i'm glad to know the people are already trying to comtact the person. my thoughts are with the kitty!
any news?
Not a thing!!! Not even any new posts. I really hope that kitty is alright. I know some of the girls on the Abbysinian website that was posted on were trying to get a hold of the Florida animal control to go and check on the cat but I don't even know if they had a legitimate phone # listed!
this is very odd! Emotion: sad