Hi, I have two cats (brothers), both 6 this month (aug'12) who I love dearly! They're very different and Samson, who's now basically moved out, was always much braver, more adventurous and loves the great outdoors. Snoeks tends to stay close to home and is extremely timid and will only cuddle with me - never met a cat so loyal (although I worry about him when I'm away!). But Samson always slept at home on my bed with Snoeks, always loved morning cuddles (and often random ones), would wake me by head-butting my forehead (so cute..), and although he was out a lot he'd always stop back every few hours or less. But now he's been disappearing for days at a time, and comes back smelling very strongly of perfume/another woman(!). She must be feeding him because he's barely eating anything with me, and he used to eat loads and demand it as and when! e.g. gently nibbling my finger or nudging me then running towards the kitchen.
A family of foxes moved into the garden which may have upset him, but my neighbour had them relocated. However, another fox is now back in the garden and I've even found him INSIDE my flat. I wondered if that could have put Samson off? He likes to own his territory and be in control - he's very much the boss. But even when the foxes were gone Samson didn't seem to come home.
I also take them to my family home (safe, lots of space, garden etc - they love it) but they hate being put in the cat carrier and Samson gets very cross. (I've always done this with them though so i don't think that's why he's left - also, they do love it at the family home 'cause they're spoiled rotten with real fish and more love etc!)
Sorry for the long account - I wanted to give you guys all the possible info to work out why Samson doesn't want to be here anymore. Maybe he just doesn't really like me anymore Emotion: sad i don't want him to be unhappy.. I think Snoeks misses him a lot though as he's been extremely vocal, constantly chatting and shouting. Although Samson sometimes gets a bit annoyed (he might hiss) when Snoeks is all over him and trying to clean him etc when he gets home. (Oh, they're bengals. Don't know if that makes a difference..)
Thanks SO much for reading all this and for any help you could offer.. Thanks Emotion: smile (female, piano teacher, London)
Can't you keep him inside and take him out walking on a harness instead of letting him roam?
Does Samson wear a collar? If it's really about another family or woman feeding him they may not realize he has a home if he doesn't wear one. I'd suggest you put a collar on him and attach a note to it asking the people to feed your cat less or don't feed him at all because he hardly shows up at home since this began. Explain you miss him and that there's also another cat who misses him too. If you feed him grain free or raw food, I'd also ask the people to make sure they don't feed him crap like Friskies or Whiskas because you care about his health considerably. These cheap foods are full of addictive ingredients, and once cats try them they may refuse to eat healthier stuff they were once used to. There's no guarantee this note will work but it may.

The foxes could have been an additional factor but then Samson would most likely have tried to reclaim his territory instead of just giving it in.
There are a lot of things than can excite an outdoor cat, including female cats! Is Samson neutered? Well he may just be "busy" expanding his territory, you know Bengals are highly active cats that need to have everything in control.