I wonder my cat has a big affection for papers.E.g. books,notes...just everything made of paper at all!
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Hehe yeah my Gizmo was like that too, check out this photo collection , he's the one in the top photo Emotion: big smile
Emotion: big smile Great photo!!! By the way, Gizmo is also the gremlin's name,if u know what I mean Emotion: wink
Mine love to play with all sorts of papers too. If a leave a newspaper on the couch Randy will definitely try to hide under it. It looks funny because he always do this with a running jump. Sarah didn't do this at first but then I think Randy taught her how to. Smart cats!
AmneziaI wonder my cat has a big affection for papers.
Because she's a cat! :D Seriously, cats seem to love everything that crinkles and makes funny noise. One more example - http://mysmelly.com/content/cats/13-cats-under-newspapers.htm
Too true! Mine loves papers too. I think myself to be a lucky cat mom though because he has never been intrigued by our toilet paper. Emotion: giggle
maybe he has never noticed its existence at all... everything's ahead!Emotion: big smile
Ahahah don't say so! I'm gonna have a heart attack if he notices toilet paper exists. Emotion: big smile
Hope it'll never occure but be ready for anything Emotion: banditEmotion: giggle
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