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Here's some links on egg laying and egg binding.
http://www.wctropicalbird.com/bird%20education/egg laying.htm


http://www.lbah.com/avian/egg binding.htm
Hi, Thanks for all your replies. Well am not exactly an expert with birds, to be frank I picked this ... a period of time (two months) and NOT at ONE go. Please follow this: http://www.ankitatravels.com/ram/pets/ Thanks for all your help.

If that (lower picture) is an actual image of your cockatiel, then I'd suggest you buy another tape measure if your think that is a 6x4" foot cage.
Please follow this: http://www.ankitatravels.com/ram/pets/ Thanks for all your help.

Marv, your bird's cage makes me very sad. It looks small and rusted and like there may be some sharp edges. The squared perch looks pretty uncomfortable.
Are you able to buy or build something more homey for those little guys? Could you buy or collect some natural branches, disinfect them and put them in the cage for perching?
Are they indoors or out? If out, do they have adequate shade?

Don't let some of the responses on this newsgroup scare you off. Most of us are here to help bird keepers be the best they can be through sharing information.
Regardless of how you acquired your birds, it is now time to focus on making their life with you outstanding. How can we help?

The big issues are diet, health (physical and mental) and habitat. When those issues are aligned, birds give back to us more than they need from us.

If it's right for you, then it's right, . . . . . for you!!!

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The birds in your photos are Cockatiels. These birds are native to Australia. Female birds are perfectly capable of laying eggs without a male bird...where do you think chicken eggs come from?
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ZQ, u don't have to be rude, I was just looking for answers from people who have the experience in bird care.
Thanks for the link Becky, I will definitly read up
Thanks for the info Louis, really appreciate it. I'm just wondering what to do with the eggs as none have hatched. Also, am confused about both of them being females, would a female mount a female?
I have already put up a wooden box the clutch is in it.
Hi Anna,
Actually that picture is of the corner of the cage. The cage is 6 ft in length, 4 ft in breadth. It covers the entire window area and the birds get a good wide view.
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