HI all I'm a newbie in spider keeping so I hope for your understanding and advice. I bought an adult Grammostola Rosea, the abdomen is about 5-7 cm. He's big, gorgeous, and he used to walk on my hands with pleasure. The only problem in the beginning was that he refused food for quite a while but it was OK eventually. Then, I watched on YouTube how Grammostolas deal with mice, and since I wanted a show (shame on me), I bought him a mouse! The result was quite unexpected - the spider was shocked and took an aggressive pose. Two months have passed since that but... he's still aggresive to everything I try to do in his tank, whether it's changing the water or cleaning. I'm afraid he'll bite my hands one day. For this reason I don't even handle him anymore. When he's in the tank he's quite calm.
So my question is, will this aggression remain throughout his life or the character can change? I bought him because I had read Grammostolas are docile and I do want to handle him!
i hope youll never try to give him a mouse again. yes his character can change after next shedding.