We rescued a puppy mill dog that is either a daschund/terrier or daschund/Chihuahua. She is neutered. She was not socialized prior to our abdopring her. She was just left outside in a tool shed. There was no parent dog present. She was definitely removed early as she was already on hard food and she was only 6 weeks. We socialized her a lot when we got her. She's a year and a half now. I am an at home mom so I am with her all day. When my husband comes near me she growls and lunges at him. He has trained countless hunting dogs and has the patience of Job with her but we cannot get her to stop. He doesn't hit her and nobody in the house roughhouses with her because she just doesn't like it. Her play enjoyment is bringing you a toy and playing tug of war with it. With others she is nice until they reach down to pet her. She can be just fine and all of a sudden start to growl. My husband and teen son get it the worst. I know she is protecting me. I also have some chronic pain issues and her behavior is even more protective when I'm having a bad day. What I'm wondering is....can I use a bark collar for growling. She responds well to a beep on a friend's collar I have tried but I do not want her to see a remote and connect the remote to the sound or vibration in a collar. That is why I'm wondering if her deep growl will also signal the bark collar to beep or vibrate? I think she will be much happier as a dog if she takes on a more submissive role. She knows I am alpha but she often feels she has to play the second alpha role to protect me.

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