I have an Alaskan Malamute and he seems to have trouble walking with his back legs after he has been laying down for a while. Does any one have any information on this and what would be a good joint health supplement to give him? He is only 4 years old.

What kind of touble does he have, limping? Is it on both the back legs? Does it always happen when he stands up? Any other cases when it occurs, maybe while playing? How long has it been happening?

Sorry for so many questions but there are really a lot of reasons that could cause it. If that's something recent, it could be just a sprain. Does he show any signs of pain when you press on the hip area? Does he jump well?

He has been doing it for a while now. Its mostly when he has been laying down, even short periods of time. Its both sides and he seems to limp or walk with just 3 legs. He jumps and plays ok but he has been holding back on the jumping and only runs or plays for a few minutes at a time before he wants to lay down and rest.
Hopefully that's just a sprain. If the problem doesn't go away in a while I'd recommend a veterinary check up just to make sure there's nothing serious such as hip dysplasia.

Is he on natural food? I'd recommend it instead of food supplements as natural and holistic food contains much more nutrients than dry and canned stuff. Please keep us posted!

Yes, I agree. I am thinking of changing his food to something higher in nutrients. He trys to pick up any thing that falls on the ground or any food left un-gaurded. I dont necessarily think he has anything wrong besides he likes to lay around on the hard floor and be lazy, I just want to prevent. Do you know any good websites about huskies?
MarsDooDo you know any good websites about huskies?
No, sorry. This is the only animal site I've decided to stick to.