I had a 15 pound miniature Poodle and I gave him a level teaspoon once a day all of his 12 year life., mixed with his daily meal . He went blind and had to be euthanized at 12 years old. Could that have been attributed to the Brewers Yeast??? Good Lord, I hope not, because I now give my 7 month old, 7 pounde Toy Poodle just a pinch once a day until she's a little older. Would that be OK or can I give her a little more? None have ever seen a tick or a flea in their lives, which is pretty good for out here in the Arizona sand!
To me, it tastes like Vomit, but I put two heaping tablespoons of it in my gym protein drink. I have never had any illness, not even had the sniffles, since 1996! I guess it builds the immune system. My poodles have NEVER been sick, except when they eat lizards , bugs..what dopey dogs! One ate a squirrel, head, bones everything!

Thanks much

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