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One of the best things about having dogs is how much more often you can get away with not mopping the kitchen floor.

Heh! I found out that bottles falling out of fridge doors onto a brick floors causes plastic lids to break ... rug. I went to get the papertowels,and Mojo and Taffy very nicely cleaned it up before I could get back.

Spaghetti sauce spilled while my daughter was trying to put it in the fridge after my other daughter had not put the tupperware lid on quite tight enough. I hear wailing from downstairs and ask what on earth happened. I am told the sad story of how their plan to surprise me by cleaning up after dinner went bad. I point out that it's the thought that counts and that the dogs will be happy to do the rest of the cleaning up, which they are whining to be able to do, and dump the leftover spaghetti on the floor with the sauce with dramatic flair while releasing the dogs. The whole family, full of spaghetti, snuggles up to read with a clean table and an absolutely spotless kitchen floor, even if there are no leftovers.

"Duwayne, you're living proof that when a man who has no idea what he's doing redoubles his efforts, there's no end to what you can't do." Scott Marquardt