Remember the conversation we had a week or so ago about keeping kitties inside or letting them roam outside? And I told you I had a friend on another forum that her cat was recently mauled to death by the neighbor's two dogs? I just saw on that saw another one of my friends lost her cat to a neighbor's dog killing it. Absolutely heartbreaking!!! I wonder why these dogs are so vicious like that? Emotion: crying
Oh no what horrible news. Emotion: sad I'm so sorry to know about that!
Don't those dog owners keep their dogs in a fenced area or on a leash? Or did the cat walked in their yard? Where did it happen? Please let the girl know our thoughts are with her and her kitty... RIP kitty...
I don't know the details, I don't know if I want to know. It tore my heart out with the passing of my other friend's kitty. sigh. I'm guessing the dog got loose, I don't know. That's what happened with the last one. The kitty was not near the owners house, the two dogs came after him.
how horribly sad !!
growing up i always had cats but they were mostly outdoor because my parents weren't really into them. once, my cat went missing for a week. when he returned he wasn't eating and his stomach was dragging on the floor, well my older sister took him to the vet and when they x rayed the vet said it look like a dog had gotten a hold of him and shook him back and forth so bad that his insides basically looked like ground beef.Emotion: sad

unfortunately he had to be put down since there was no helping him. i was devastated of course. and now with my winston this is the main reason why he'll never go outside. he'll always be an indoor kitty because i'm terrified something like this would happen to him :/

so so sad
Emotion: crying OMG!!! I'm so sorry that happened! Cats can be just as bad at fighting. My sister's cat who is long gone now was attacked by a gang of cats and they were ripping her to shreds. My brother-in-law tried to stop it and ended up being torn up as well. He had to bring her to the vet and he had to go to the ER. It's just plain dangerous out there!
I cannot read stories like that. Emotion: sad I wish people and their pets didn't have to go through such terrors.
I'm very sorry for the cat... I can share a few similar stories too but I won't because what we have here is already too much heartbreaking.