Anyone tried or using the vetbasis litter made from corn? If so, why are you using it or stop using it?
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I use Vet Basis, but not by itself as the lavender scent is too strong. However, I mix it 1 part Vet Basis with 3 parts World's Best Cat Litter and it maintains even better odor control than WBCL by itself without being perfumey. I don't have a problem with litterbox odor per se as I scoop twicre daily, but the litter tends to stay fresher up until the next litter change when I mix them. HTH.
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I use Clump & Flush - organic, nice "scent" to it. Never heard of VetBasis, where does one find in (U.S.)? Didn't like WBCL - would stick to bottom of pan..or was it the Swheat? Now I can't remember!