My 15 week old westie loves raw carrots, are they fine for her? Are there any other vegetables we can give her? Presently her typical food is pedigree complete and fresh cooked chicken. I would prefer to give her a raw carrot as a change from a chew /dog biscuit. Thanks in advance.
A little off-topic... wow the list is so long!! I never imagined there were so many types of food and plants that could be dangerous for dogs. Emotion: surprise
Yes, you can give your dog carrots. The only problem is that if you give her too many, she could end up with loose stool, so moderation is the key.

Here is a link to foods that are "toxic" to dogs. Anything not on that list are safe, but again, moderation is important.

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Ruslanawow the list is so long!!
Yes it is. I was really surprised too when I read it.
Apples and blueberries are good low calorie treats in moderation too! My dog loves carrots...he makes a huge mess chewing up the carrot all over the floor and then cleans up every last bit of it. It keeps him busy for a while.