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Thank you for the information. Very helpful.
Hello! I am very glad that your cat had no ill effects from the grape vine, but I am just replying to remind any readers that some cats react differently than others. I read this post after my 3 year old cat, midnight, at some grape vine off a wreath. She is currently at the vet fighting to recover from kidney failure. It may be harmless to some cats, but I'm just asking that anyone reading does not take the risk.
It’s been so long but I’m wondering if everything worked out okay for your kitty??? It doesn’t look like you ever received a reply.

My 7w old teething kitten found a fresh grape stem that fell on the floor and I found him chewing on the thick end. That shows teeth marks. That was nearly a week ago and he's fine.

Spoke to my vet who recommended wait and see, she's seen toxicity in dogs but hasn't seen in cats in her practice yet. Says she's seen no data on stem vs grape toxicity.

Note I had a cat who used to beg for a grape when we ate them and we'd give him one. He liked them peeled and was just fine. That was before the internet so I never knew it could harm some cats.

Found this thread cos I was convince by scqry stuff online he'd die. Hope the cat mentioned by another poster recovered. ( is it possible he also chewed on something else on that dried wreath?)

Hi , I'm new here. I have a question please. I am confused and something that may be harmful for my 2 year old female cat ( Angel) . I have read and studied different sites on the subject of Grapes , grapevines, leaves, and roots. Now my baby girl angel chews on the stems and the ends were I had plucked a grape. Now, she never has eaten a grape itself . My question is what part of the grape is toxic. One vet says that grapes and raisins can cause acute kidney failer. In the next site the vet there says the grape is the only toxic part, and the stem , leaves, and vines are not. So, I'm confused?? Please help , because angle chews on the stems and ends were I pulled a grape off. She has never ever shown signs of illness after. I just want to know if that's ok or Not???

Thank You



My cat Feisty may have chewed on grape branches too; and he is not eating his food now, so I am worried. I had the branches hidden, to do some creative work with, yet he may have gotten into them. I am not sure at all, but he is not eating his food, yet he wants to, and hasn't eaten for two days. He does eat treats tho. Is there something I can give him? Thanks.

I see a lot of anecdotal discussion here, but does anyone know if any actual studies have been done on this topic? I would hate to see someone kill their cat simply because someone else's cat didn't die from eating poison.

Until somone does an actual study on this with a fairly large number of cats, we are not going to know the answer to this question. So the best advice is just don't let your cat chew on grapevine or leaves or anything to do with grapes. Not even a vet who has been in practice for a number of years is going to be able to give you a definative answer, just an educated guess. A complete study must be done on this before anyone will be able to say for sure. And people, just because you fed it to your cat it nothing visible happened, this does not prove it is okay for cats. I saw a cat get run over by a car once and get up and walk away seemingly unharmed, but I still can't say it is safe to run over your cat with your cat. A one cat population is not a study. I can't tell you the exact number off the top of my head, but I know a true study would required at least a thousand cats, and it would need to be verified by at least one more experiment with that many cats again. So anecdotal evidence does not a study make. It just generates opinion.