Hello All Emotion: smile

I am a newbe so please forgive me if I am posting this question in the wrong place .

My 7 month old kitten "Barley" loves the stalks from grapes to play with and he chews at them too .I have just read that grapes are bad for cats kidneys, so have I inadvertantly given him something that can do him serious harm ?

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Hi cherrylann - and welcome to mysmelly. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here!

Grapes and raisins are indeed poisonous to cats. Yet the stems (stalks) and the leaves aren't poisonous in itself. But I wouldn't recommend for Barley to continue playing with them, since the stomachs of cats aren't fully ready for these sorts of fluids you'll find in a grape vine, untill they are a bit older.

If you want to give Barley something natural to play with, which is completely safe to chew on - buy a little bamboo tree or flower, and tear of little of that to give to him. A lot of cats love it - and I don't think Barley cares if it's grape stalk or bamboo. Emotion: big smile

Best of luck to you and your kitty....
Thank you for your warm welcome Stormy Emotion: smile

I am so pleased that I haven't caused sweet Barley any lasting damage ,I will certainly get him some bamboo .[O-)]
Cool! Let me know if he likes it.Emotion: mmm
Hi cherrylann,

Welcome to the community! I can't add anything to Stormy's reply because it sounds quote complete, but I'd like to give you a link to a list of foods that are dangerous for cats . Hopefully you'll find it helpful too.

I hope you'll upload some pictures of Barley soon. Emotion: it wasnt me I'd love to meet him!
This is Barley ( ginger ) and Alf ( grey ) they are really happy fun and play for hours ,up and down the stairs and climb the curtains Emotion: smile Our house has been full of laughter since they came to stay
Ok I will try again as their pictures didn't load lol
Please don't give bamboo either! I'm serious!!! I just did a segment on this in one of my newsletters.

Lucky bamboo is toxic to cats when chewed or eaten. Also known as dragon tree or Dracaena sanderiana, lucky bamboo belongs to a family of toxic plants that includes Easter lilies and garden lilies. Lucky bamboo contains botanical substances similar to chemical soap called saponins. When cats eat toxic bamboo, the saponins cause dilated pupils, vomiting (with or without blood), anorexia and excessive salivation. Cats that exhibit any of these symptoms should be taken to a vet immediately.
Is Bamboo Leaves or Plant Poisonous To Cats? What Are Their Symptoms?

Some houseplants deadly to pets - Puppy dies after eating sago palm plant
I have never heard of the fact that normal bamboo is dangerous to cats. According to APCA and the SPCA, only lucky bamboo should be avoided, where as any other type of bamboo is safe to cats. (Probably because lucky bamboo has nothing to do with actual bamboo.)

Saga has eaten up normal (regular) bamboo plenty of times, and she has always been more than OK afterwards. I think the devil's in the details here, because I never meant lucky bamboo. Emotion: smile
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