We have two kids 5 and 7 years old and we're thinking about getting a dog. There is an adorable Pekingese puppy in the shelter but are these dogs usually good with kids?
The breed doesn't have as much to do with it as the way you train it does.

If you train the puppy so it knows it can't bite while it plays, and so it doesn't get too protective over one person (this happens a lot with small dogs!) then you should be fine. You can look up methods of training on lots of websites.

Small dogs are not good for toddlers that might hurt it without knowing, but your kids are old enough to know the difference, I think. My cousins have 2 small dogs and they're the same ages.
Teach your kids not to tease the puppy, step on it, or hurt it. Basically, just make sure dog and human can trust each other and live together.
I totally agree with the post above. While some breeds tend to be more friendly with kids than others, the final role belongs to proper training and socialization the owners give to their dog. If the dog hasn't been raised well which resulted in behavior problems, you cannot blame the breed. You may want to read this article anon:

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Peks are not a good dog for small children....they will bite if feel threatened.
any* dog can be good with kids if you teach/train them to be! But *also teach your kids to be good and gentle with dogs. *it must come from two sides!!*
I have a male pek an an a 5 yr old who was 3 when i got my pek an he is great with him cuddle play
I have a family with a 11 year old, seven year old, and 4 year old. Would a peke be a good option?