ok this is controversial but i'd just like to know your arguments sustaining or disproving the thought rats are smarter than dogs. i do think they're smarter because scientists managed to demonstrate rats understand causal relations something scientists thought only humans and some higher primates could understand. rats cannot be fooled by a mere coincidence of events. they can associate sounds with food etc and moreover they can learn to provoke the sound themselves instead of just listening to it! but what's most surprising is that they don't associate the sound they produce themselves with food and don't go to look for food after that, they know only the sound they don't provoke themselves means food. rats are also highly adaptable to any living conditions so i believe they more cool Emotion: smile this is just my opinion i'm not gonna argue i just want to know your thoughts on this guys!!
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It's kind of hard to compare the two, with how different the species are!
Dogs rely on instinct and training for the most part. They have a one-track mind. Rodents and some other animals, like raccoons, have shown problem-solving skills and extreme abilities to think.
But you have to consider training, too. A seeing-eye dog trained to open doors and alert their owner and others of danger is certainly 'smarter' than the rat who runs in his wheel all day.

I can't say yes or no to this! It depends on the species and the lifestyle of the animal Emotion: smile
thanks for your thoughts that's really appreciated! i really didn't think about seeing-eye dogs, good example!
Every animal is smart in its own way. You cannot compare so different species just like this.
Rats don't use wheels.
I have both rats and dogs, and for myself I find that my dog is more clever than my rats, but it does depend on the breed of dog also and the rats personally. Although I do recon that wild rats are a lot more cunning and clever than pet rats because they don't get food given to them and they have to find out ways of obtaining it Emotion: big smile

They do

Rats can also learn tricks and commands. Look up some videos on YouTube Emotion: smile

dogs are smarter...

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