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I had a st bernard it was a great gaurd dog I had someone break in my house and the dog protected his house .

In my opinion nearly every dog can be a guard dog just some of the dogs need training and some dont so i think st bernards just maybe need a little bit of training and they would be great guard dogs but if u dont wanna waste money on guard dog training get yourself a pitbull or a german shepard

Hi, If you are looking for a good guardian dog get a Caucasian Mountain Dog. And train that dog for obedience before he/she gets 2 years of age.

You can also have a Saintbernard and he/she will learn from Caucasian to guard.

Google this breed and check them on FB.

The best guardian dog, protector and companion.

Very popular in Europe.

Also a Bullmastiffs are a great guardian dogs

Best of luck


Yes this dog can and will protect you. my girl is 170 and all muscle, and her dad is 250 Emotion: smile

My cousin has two big saint bernards. When we showed up unexpected to their house (as a surprise for my aunt's birthday, we live six hours away) the older one who we've seen before came up and licked us but the full-grown ten-month-old puppy barked and growled. After a few minutes of introducing us to him and after he got used to our scent he was chill. I think the only good guarding they do is scare an intruder, and maybe warn the homeowners. They're not big on attacking.

the SB protected your house when you had an intruder?

We have had 3

Currently we have 2,

Girl aged 8 and a boy aged 3

She is 100% on duty when Im not around but anyone entering the house they bark like mad but soon settle down. However, when we were all out and a friend was asked to pop in with key to clean the house both dogs would not let them past the hall.

We had a phone call to say "we think your dogs are very serious about stopping us coming in".

They later said the bitch was showing teeth and stamping the floor with front paws.

The boy is a bit slow but, an incident happened the other day and we seen a side of him that was in full protection mode and I am sure if our daughters new boyfriend playfully fighting with her had not stopped I think the dog would have grabbed him, he came running through the house barging past the others dogs and family members to get to the "fight" and got right between our daughter and boyfriend

Unless you want crazed guard dogs that bite anything crossing your boundary then No to saint bernards but a friendly dog that will turn quickly to defend his/her family with a stubborn streak then Saints are good

We had a male St.Bernard a long time ago.He was the best guard dog we've ever had & was super protective of us & would get aggressive with no gooders.He proved he would attack if provoked or someone came at me or anything.I was just as protective of him as he was of us.He was OK with some good people once introduced,but we would have to tell him it was oK again.But,if we tried to tell him it's OK for someone that was an ass(which I had a problem with)or bad news,he continued on anyway for he knew.I just walked him on the leash when we went walking, for responsibility.I don't care what anyone says, it's more about the personality of each dog regardless of breed.He was totally fearless.When at a friend's house & some ass they knew pissed me off or tried to pester him,he & I both went off on them.We had each other's backs along with my German Shepherd/Wolf hybrid (who was also protective)& a pitbull mixed with Bassett Hound & Jack Russell (his mom was all pit).I really miss them dearly.Our St.Bernard(Patch)was a great dog & was pretty dominant over other male dogs & unacceptable people,but as gentle as can be with his own family (us).So,there it is.Not all St.Bernards are the same.Depends on their personalities & life experience.
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