Saint bernards are big dogs that look severe and rather frightening, aren't they? I am going to take one soon but I have a question. Are they good as guard dogs? Compared to shepherds, for instance.
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Bernards do look the part however they can't follow through. A dog that large is not going to be able to keep up with a burgular like a shepherd will.

Anyone who comes to my house thinks twice. My collie x does the barking, my mastiff does the biting and my shepherd does the chasing and pinning Emotion: wink
So Bernards are kinda too large for being a good guard dog? Do you mean that keeping several guard dogs is better than one?
Yes St Bernards imo are too big to be guard dogs.

And no I do not mean you need several guard dogs. My dogs are NOT trained guard dogs they are house pets. I would never attempt to train them to be guard dogs myself - that would be asking for trouble. It costs around $12000 to have a dog professionally trained.
I don't know if the original poster will read this or not but anyway.
The size and loud voice of a Saint Bernard can scare away any intruder, but along with it St. Bernards quickly memorize your friends and bind to them. These dogs prefer to be on friendly terms with everyone, so if the unwanted guest wasn't scared in the very first minutes, your pet can lead him directly to the family silver. The only exception is when there's a direct threat to the family lives. In this case, the Saint Bernard will instinctively protect those who he love.
thank you that's exactly what i was hoping to hear from anybody. I live in a rough area and just want my saint to be there in case something does happen. Got a miniture schnauzer, lab mix and a saint and was just hoping to hear that may be a made the right choice. dont get me wrong love the saint bernards everything just want some peace of mind. thanks..
When I was a kid we had two St. Bernards (one after the other). I would say they make poor guard dogs. After one or two Very Deep woofs they wanted to have their ears scratched and be petted in general.
The only way they might make good guard dogs is if a burglar was to sit down. When a 150-to-200 lb. dog thinks it's a lap dog and sits on you, you may be trapped for a while.
One other thing- a happy St. Bernard with a wagging tail can knock a toddler down every time. Just ask my cousin Charley.
I have never had a German Shepherd before, however I have three AKC registered Saint Bernards. Two boys (one fixed other not) and one girl. They are loving and gentle around kids and other animals. They only get aggressive if they need to. If they sense danger they are to the rescue. They are good guard dogs in my opinion. They won't let anyone out of their car unless we are present and we give the ok for the person to be there. Our dogs can pick up on a person. If they are there for bad reasons my dogs know it. They are very attentive to surroundings, one noise unfamiliar and they are on the spot. They are very obedient. They are well trained. Also, remember that Saint Bernards were breed in the Swiss Apps for rescuing people out of the snow during bad snow storms.
Maybe this will help also. Good Luck with picking your dog.

I think that St. Bernards are just about all u who'll need to protect your home
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