Ok so they can't cuddle like cats or dogs but do they bond with their owners and recognize them among other people (visitors etc)?
my oldest boa constrictor gets anxious whenever someone else holds him but he's always relaxed when it's me. my corns don't seem to care who handles them their reaction seems to depend on other factors for the most part.
I have a gopher and there is some people he is okay with holding, he is comfortable with me and wraps himself around me and sleeps usually and he does for my boyfriend as well. But when new people that he hasn't had a chance to know he gets mad. He also gets upset when someone else that tries to take him out of his cage. I think it just depends on the type of snake and how much you handle them as well. Hope this helps Emotion: big smile
Snakes can't recognize individuals, but they can recognize that our human, mammalian scent is neither prey nor predator. They react more calmly with people who hold them in a way that is both comfortable, steady, and relaxed. As each snake is a little different, it always takes a new person a little bit to handle them the best way possible. Therefore, it seems like the snake "gets used to" that person. It's a really cool coincidence, and is a wonderful situation when getting kids comfortable around snakes!
LMAO MY SNAKE A THUG!!! I'm always messing with her picking her up taking her out in public putting her in my purse on my review mirror in the car checking her tummy and all she's always in my hand and I know I be aggravating her because she just stop and look at me LMAO but yes they will get used to you and know the difference between owner and someone else lol at less my baby does