Is it true that most white cats with blue eyes are born deaf? What about cats with differently-coloured eyes (blue and yellow), are they deaf too? If it's not a myth, why does it happen?
I'm curious because I watched several white cats and many of them did respond when I called them, at least they always moved the ear(s) towards me. This means they did hear me, doesn't it. Where does the above opinion comes from, then...
I have a white cat (green eyes) and she's not deaf or blind.
White cats or any white animals really are predisposed to it but it doesn't mean they will be blind and deaf.
Thanks, I haven't got to know any owner of a white cat that wasn't deaf. And so it also means that those cats who I called were not deaf either, eh! Good to know that. Thanks again for your reply!
Hello! Some white cats are born deaf (blindness is not associated with the white gene in cats). You can have deaf cats with yellow or green eyes as well, although it's true that more deaf cats with blue eyes exist than those with yellow. Sometimes, the cats with 'odd eyes' (one of each colour) are deaf on one side, but strangely enough it's not always on the blue-eyed side!

It's not a foregone conclusion that a white cat with blue eyes will be deaf - many aren't. But a small proportion are.... it is due to lack of pigment in the cells in the ear necessary to develop normal hearing.

My white cat had a litter not long ago, & out of six kittens three were white. One of them was born deaf, but he is a delightful little soul and is going to a new home with his brother tomorrow. He will have to have his bro' as a companion and to be his 'ears' plus will never be able to be an outdoor cat, but there's no reason why he can't enjoy a long and happy life..... most deaf cats do. They also tend to form very close bonds with the owner. He is extremely observant and notices tiny things that other cats don't... though he is VERY noisy, as he doesn't have any volume bless him Emotion: smile
Thank you Merly. I didn't know that pigment in the ear cells is anyhow necessary for hearing hmm...
What kind of things may white cats notice better compared to usual kitties?
He uses his eyes a lot more - nothing escapes his notice - had a great time playing shadow-puppets on the wall with him the other night! But poor lad barely notices when it's dinner-time, I have to go looking for him. He could be the other side of the room just looking in the opposite direction and wouldn't know his dinner's being served. He & his Bro went to their new home today, I shall miss him with his funny little ways!

There's an excellent article all about White cats, eye colours & deafness here: