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Thanks. Is it working? If it's controlling her asthma well, I'd be hesitant to change.

It is working. So maybe you're right, we should stick with it. But I do like knowing what other options are.

Do you subscribe to any of the feline asthma list serves? On the one for inhaled medications, I learned that even if they aren't coughing, the inflammation can still be present in the lungs which will make them feel more listless. Early on we were just trying to prevent the coughing, but later we learned to listen for other signs of chest congestion, like a raspy purr or snore or the listlessness. If Meesha isn't coughing and is active, etc. with the natural cortisone, I agree, I wouldn't change treatment just to change it. I emailed you as well, but we are at the point we would hesitate to change treatment too.
The vet said it was mild and we started treating ... fall coincided with my husband's allergies so it seems seasonal.

Meesha's was never that bad either. Just coughing. I just wish I knew what she was specifically allergic to. We've installed an air cleaner on our furnace and try to keep the dust down as much as possible.

Our vet said that with inhalant allergies, even if you can figure out what the trigger is, many times you can't completely eliminate it. We have a whole house air cleaner on the furnace and bought another heavy duty one for upstairs, which gets dustier. Since my husband developed allergies about a year before our cat did, we wonder if it's something about the house. He thinks that maybe when we move, it might alleve his and her allergies. But it also appears to be seasonal, so if it's pollen or grass or something, that's very hard to control.
I emailed you about the stuff we're giving Meesha. Thanks again, I appreciate it.

Thanks, I just emailed you. Good luck. Glad to hear Meesha is doing well.