Is it safe to give ativan for dogs?
Ativan is a drug of the same class as Valium and Xanax which are sedative. Long-term use for sure has negative effects (among those, withdrawal effects are most common). I am not sure what effect it has on dogs, if it is safe at all. In fact, it is Valium that's commonly used for dogs in vet offices.

Anyway, as Francesca has said, it is best to ask a vet! If you are not sure of what he tells you, it can be worth asking another vet.
If ativan is a medicine you should ask the vet!
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Why would you want to use ativan for your dog anyway, Anon?
ElwingWhy would you want to use ativan for your dog anyway, Anon?
Because we moved recently and my dog seems very stressed. I want to save him from that.

Thank you, Raphael, for your answer. Maybe I really had better use Valium.
what is the strength or dosage of Ativan generally given to pets.
Yes, Ativan is safe for dogs when take orally by their anxious owners. Most dogs, in fact, find that they are much less anxious when their out-of-control owners take Ativan as prescribed and just chill. Emotion: wink
my dog freeks out if he has to ride n the car..ativan calms him down
My vet prescribed ativan for my senior dog. Anxiety in dogs is real. Why make your dog go through that when there is help available?