Last week our cat, Varia, got sick and my daughter took her to a vet. I was at work that time and suddenly my phone rang. It was my daughter all in tears, "Mom, it's an adorable black kitten that has to be put to sleep soon. She's got blue eyes and she's absolutely healthy, just no one wants her. Let's take her please?" I didn't hesitate, "Of course!" Vets went very glad, they even confessed that hadrly wanted to put such a beauty to sleep. They made all necessary tests and inspections for free, gave care recomendations and a pack of kitten food. That's how we got a new kitten. Emotion: smile She's about a month old. My daughter called her Aurora. At first, Varia hissed at the baby fiercely but now it happens only if Aurora gets too naughty. They get along well and sometimes steal each other's food. Surprisingly, Aurora got used to a litter box almost at once, she proved a very smart creature!

To make a picture is rather difficult though because she never sits still.
Congrats on your new kitty, Anon! I am glad Aurora was that lucky to have met you. Emotion: smile
Aww that's too sweet, how can you say no to that? Emotion: smile I hope you do manage to get a picture eventually, and we'd love to see Varia too!
I'm glad there are people like you, Anon! Congratulations on a new family member. Emotion: smile