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I was wondering how many babies rabbits get on average? And until when should they stay with their mother?

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Rabbits can have up to 10 baby rabbits. for a rabbits first litter though i think the average is about 5. They will be born furless blind and deaf. After a few days they will start growing fur, after 10 days their eyes and ears will open. After this they will start coming out of the nest. The babies should be kept with the mother until 8 weeks. Rabbits can become sexually mature after 10 weeks. Also the mother rabbit can get pregnant again straight after birth, so keep the mother rabbit seperated from the male. If you want to keep breeding your rabbits you can reintroduce the male after 5 weeks.
This really depends on the breed. For very small rabbits, it's 1-3 (Netherland Dwarf, Britannia Petite, etc.) for medium rabbits it's usually 4-6, (Dutch, Florida White, mini rex, etc.) for large breeds it can be up to 12 baby rabbits. maybe more.

But crossbreed bunnies are really unpredictable. I would not recommend breeding crosses, as this just makes more non-showable rabbits and more that will end up in humane societies.
Breeding for show quality rabbits can actually be quite fun and it brings a competitive side out. It is only trying to improve the ARBA standards.

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