Hi everyone!

I wanted to share my story and get feedback on what ya'll think of my situation. My cat, Pippin, was 14 years old and we had to put her down today. It was the hardest thing I have probably ever had to face. To make a long somebody short we had noticed her losing weight for the last couple of weeks (maybe even a month) and about a week ago we decided to finally take her to the vet as she was not acting like herself anymore. The vet told us that she had lost a lot of her kidney function and her blood was toxic. He recommended that we try to give her IV fluids to see if this would help her improve. We decided to give it a shot.

We we gave her the fluids each day and by the third day she had stopped eating and drinking completely. We had to kind of force feed her water through a syringe as we could not get back to the vet. We live in a very small town and unfortunately with New Years and the weekend, she had to wait 4 days before we could get back to a Vet. She declined rapidly in those four days and we made the very difficult decision to put her down. We went to the vet today and he agreed that she had become very weak and it was probably the right thing to do for her sake. We did not want her to suffer.

The he doctor had us fill out the paperwork and my partner had completely broken down. We have had our precious kitty in our lives for most of our adult life. My partner and I were asked if we were going to be present. I wanted to be present because I did not want our precious to go alone. My partner had not yet decided if he could handle it or not. They told him to think about it and they said in the meantime they were going to take Pippin in the back to get a cath in her leg. They took a very long time, almost 20 minutes and when they returned we were devastated. The vet had her wrapped in the same blanket and laid her back on the table. She said she was being feisty and was upset. I noticed as she was talking that Pippin had her mouth wide open and her eyes were completely black and she was as stiff as a board!! When she laid Pippin on the table I peeled back the towel and looked at her stomach to see if she was still breathing and she was not visibly breathing. I panicked as I was not sure if my partner was ready to handle this. I knew she had passed at this point. I told the vet (nurse) to grab the doctor immediately so he can check her pulse. She had said that the cat was fine just a second ago. I pet Pippin along her neck and it was completely stiff and she was non responsive. The best way to describe this horrible experience is that she looked like taxidermy. Her legs were all sticking straight out and her body had swelled up to almost twice her normal size (Which I googled later and it seems that was rigor setting in already). Her face had looked like she went into shock and now I can't get that face out of my head. I felt horrible already that they even had to take her away to get the cather in but now my cat may have passed while feeling tortured in a back room. I feel so awful and really want to know what caused her to not only to pass away, but also how she got so stiff so quickly.

The doctor came in and said she still had a pulse but I found that hard to believe as I could see in her eyes that she had already passed away. My partner was balling and panicking at this point and he was pleading with the vet to please put her to sleep as fast as he could. He injected the fluid in her and waited a couple seconds and said she did not have a heartbeat any longer and pronounced her deceased. I was completely distraught. It didn't add up and I dont know what to think. To top it off, she started to twitch in her face and it looked like she was trying to catch her breath even though she wasn't breathing. I believe that was just her nerves, but my partner freaked out and it really made us sad to see that.

So i guess my question would be, what should I be thinking or doing? I'm sure they didn't do anything on purpose, they were all very nice people, but what alarms me is that the nurse didn't even notice that our cat passed prior to bringing her in knowing that my partner did not decide if he wanted to be present or not. Also, how did rigor set in so quickly? Should I be worried that the vet knew Pippin passed away prior to bringing her in and hoped we wouldn't have noticed so they could still inject her and collect the funds? Am I overthinking this altogether?

Sorry for for such a long post. I rarely post things like this on the internet but my cat was family to me and I felt betrayed and sad at what happened today. I wanted my cat to pass peacefully and in my arms. Not in a back Room while being poked with needles. I just need some sort of closure I guess is what I am looking For. Thank you for anyone who is listening and I apologize for any typos. I am writing this on my phone and I am also a wreck while I am writing this. Thank you Emotion: smile
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Hi- I don't know how old this post is but I wanted to send my condolences and thoughts.
im terribly sorry for your loss text me
Hey I understand how you feel

I lost my first dog which guarded me with her life when I a small boy..she came from nowhere..she was already a big girl when I saw her first time in our rooftop,guess she was trying to get a rest as a the front door was not locked..since then she was not hesitant to guard our house and me..although i never understood her well,I always had a feeling that she was lost and used to feel sad at the dawn specially when the evening sunset hit her face..
The hardest part for me was she was poisoned by my own mother after years of her service..even small I was so angry and upset and didn't understand to this moment why she was poisoned to death..I won't forget the day when I came back from my school and as usual went to the rooftop to look for her..instead I found her gasping for breath and looking in my eyes..she cried and I couldn't take it..I tried to touch her then she gave a sharp shriek and passed out..I was there for hours and didn't let anyone touch her still..till today I don't know what happened but it caused a sour relationship between me and my mom till today...after my dogs's passing things turned bad between our family my father left and the family became a broken family..well I am from Himalayas..a city called Kathmandu...
been there, so sad it is heart breaking. get another cat!!! there are plenty that need a home!! it will make you feel better! another cat needs your love!!
but the person should wait for a while because they will then feel like they are replacing their loved pet that passed
These are some of the stories that really break my heart. I am so sorry for your loss.
Evidently, none of the well-wishers read your entire post. First of all, I am so, so sorry for the loss of your pet. Second of all, please report this vet! Even though the Dr and staff may be kind and friendly, what they did is unconscionable or at the very least, neglectful. Here is a link. http://www.vetabusenetwork.com/filecomplaint.htm
Yes, the best way is to report the caregivers for prosecution.
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