my cinnamon ball python has been lethargic lately...she doesn't have any symptoms of a respiritory infection but isn't moving around like she used to and starts shaking when she tries to lift herself up? any suggestions?
hi that's too little info... how old is she? how often do you feed her and is her appetite fine? what's the temp, humidity in the vivarium? does she gape her mouth or sit with her head facing the sky?

perhaps she's just going to shed but it may be a parasitic or bacterial infection too. has she had a significant weight loss recently or runny defecations? if so this should better be checked with a vet.
she's about a year...we feed her every 7 days, was every 5 but just switched to 7, and went from eatting med-lrg mice to eatting small rats...humidity is about average 60-70 and temp is around 92...no significant weight lose, only refused a meal one time so far...we don't think it a respiratory infection, we've seen this before! and checked in her mouth and nostrils...
do you always keep it 92? if yes it's a bit hot especially for a young snake.. in fact the temp can be kept so but for no longer than about 9 hours. basically daytime temp should be 80-85 with a basking spot about 90. anything close to and over 95 is too hot. nighttime temp should be 75-80.

humidity should be kept at around 50 and 60-80 in shedding periods. although i have a friend who keeps it 60-80 all the time and he says it's ok.

try to reduce the temp a bit. then wait a couple more days and check if there are any signs of shed, milky eyes etc. as i said lethargy may be a very early sign of shedding.
how is she now?