I just let my ball python feed on a medium sized rat from PetSmart and I'm afraid it might be too big for him. Joey, my snake is 2 ft and his girth is fairly the size of the rat. But I'm afraid he can't get it down and he's been gnawing at it and I'm going to wait until morning to know if he'll get it down but I'm afraid he won't be able to, any suggestions other than switching me switching back to medium mice?
Snakes can eat prey as large in diameter as the snake's girth at the fattest point.
A medium sized rat seems extremely large for a 2 foot ball python. My ball is 1 1/2 feet and I just gave him his first small mouse (f/t) Sunday. We were doing fuzzies. It took him twice as long to eat it and I wondered if he was ever going to get it down!

My ball python sounds about as big is yours and I am planning to start feeding him adult mice. If your snake does not finish the rat I would try to find something in between the medium mice and medium rats.