I have just inherited a bearded dragon and there is a stink that will not go away. Am I going to be stuck with this? The lizard is female, 3-4 years old, alone in the cage, and all I have to feed her are King Worms from the pet store. What can I do to get rid of the smell? Her tank has what I think is sandbox sand in the bottom and I am thinking of changing it the first chance i get. There is a pad under the sand and i guess this is a lizard pad or something.
What do I feed her? I know nothing about lizards, but its importnt to my boy so its important to me although any help would be great.
My ex boyfriend loved bearded dragons and he kept saying they don't emit odor but it's the cage and poop that can smell. I'm sure the smell will go away as soon as you clean the tank and replace the sand. By the way sand is not very good for beardies as it harbors bacteria and may cause respiratory problems. Perhaps you should speak with your boy and consider replacing at least a part of the sand with slate tiles.
What bearded dragon food is available in your pet stores? Crickets, mealworms, wax worms, king worms,earthworms, cockroaches are all good but I don't know if you can get them. Besides that, green leafy vegetables should make up approximately 20% of your dragon's diet.