I run the herp room at a petstore. We have two older bearded dragons in the store that were traded for some store credit. Nobody is really looking at them to buy, perhaps because they're a bit neurotic. Besides, people are usually looking at the babies in the store and not the older herps.

I had a couple come in after the Tampa Reptile show and swore that one of these beardie adults was a "snow" coloring. I've never heard of this coloring, but have googled some images of them. I'm still confused.

I have posted a page with 6 pics of this beardie, who is particularly beautiful. Can anyone tell me what color this beardie is? http://studio-dee.com/beardie.htm
All the pics are thumbnailed so you can click them to get a closer look.

Thanks in advance for your help.
~ Dee
not a snow, its nothing like pure bright white bred ones, seen a couple like yours but not sure of name
The beardie looks like its "Hypomelanistic". Hypomelanism is a recessive trait that causes a reduced amount of melanin in the cells. Giving the animal a lighter appearance than others. Think of it as halfway to albino, which is amelanism.