Just recently my 2 year old Belgin has started relieving himself in the house. I think it's when he's mad at us for leaving him home. During the day he's home alone while everyone is at work/school. The problem happens in the evening when during the course of life we all have to leave for one reason or another. It's gotta be spite work because when we do leave him home alone, it's always after a long walk or letting him go in the yard.
Any suggestions as to how I can stop this behavior short of taking him everywhere we go?
You've got a breed of dog that's meant to work, and I don't see anything about him getting any.
Spite? no. Anxiety? Boredom? Loneliness? yes.
This isn't all that uncommon with households that don't have enough time for a dog. Everyone works all day and then they go out in the evenings as well - what time does that leave for the dog?
You need to think about finding time for training, exercise, and work for your dog - a tired dog is a good dog.
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"a tired dog is a good dog"
-well put.
Joe ,
First take your dog to the vet in case he has something wrong with him, like a urniary infection.
Dogs don't do things out of spite, that's a human trait. I expect he feels upset. Its best to ignore any accidents, if you scold him , it wil make him anxious and more likely to wee.
If you are out all day and in the evening how much time does your dog spend with you and how much regular exercise does he get? Alison
His routine consist of 3-4 walks a day that range from 20min to an hour, along with having free run of the yard from 2:30 in the afternoon till about 11:00pm. He also gets at least one intense play session, weather permitting, that lasts until he or we give up. He is rarely left home alone in the evenings. It's just on those occasion that he is, he sometimes does his business on the rug. Other than that, he's a great dog. He's smart, very affectionate and has become an integral part of our family.
We made the classic mistake of adopting him not knowing anything about the breed. We took the "He's cute" approach to it. We had no idea, nor were we told when we adopted him, that he was such a high energy dog. Not that we regret it, but we'd probably take a different approach next time.
He's a working dog, and needs his mind worked as well as his body. I have a working line GSD, and if I only provided exercise with no mental stimulation, I wouldn't have a house left.
What do you do to keep your guy busy?
We train often during the day {agility, with only enough true Obedience to get us by}, I take her tracking, we go to the river, hike in the woods. I take her to class two or three times a week. For 'busy work' in the house she's been taught to open cupboards, close doors, find specific toys by name, put her toys away, empty the laundry basket, fill the laundry basket, drag the laundry basket to the washer, that sort of thing. She also walks Winston, where I put a leash on Winston, and Kira takes him around the yard. Kira enjoys this much more than Winston does. I think I've caught him rolling his eyes at me. ;-)