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Genny: Down the throat.
Sheppe: Yummy treat.
Cubbe: Encased in cream cheese.
It has been very hard to have Sammie on ear ... they won't stop being infected without going through the hurt.

I've had to apply ear stuff to a cocker cross and it was certainly way more unpleasant for both of us than pilling. Never having to do that on a regular basis, I usually think "down the throat" when it comes to drugs and dogs.

Me, too. This is the first time I've had to do something other than pills. I did have to do ear and eye drops on kids, but not on dogs. With the kids, it was the eye drops that were the worst. And, of course, Mimi had to be highly prone to pink eye, the stinker!

"Anyway, other people are weird, but sometimes they have candy, so it's best to try to get along with them." Joe Bay