Hey all! This is something important I would like to discuss - cat food. I've come across many messages and articles that blamed cat food producers for the quality of production, while others claimed that it's not all that bad. So... the question is: what is best cat food in your opinion? Brand food or food made by yourself?
i always used wiskers cat food its the kind my folks used on the kats when i was kid now iam adult i buy wiskers for my cats.hope this helps u ruslana
Thanks for your feedback, anon! This is actually the only brand of food that my cat will eat (canned food), lol.
Unless you are feeding your pets certified organic pet food (not 'natural' or 'wholistic' -- terms that mean nothing) you are feeding them '4D' meat -- meat that is dead, diseased, dying or decayed. The pet food industry is not regulated like the people food industry and they can pretty much put anything into the pet food they want. The pets who were poisoned a couple of years by the melamine in the pet food was not the first time.
Please do a web search for '4D' 'four d' 'four d meats' --- like that --- to see what is happening.
Making your own food is ok, but risky because cats do need specific things, like taurine.
I feed my six cats (so ok, I'm a crazy cat lady) Newman's Own organic canned and dry food. I've tried other brands of organic food but they like the Newman's Own the best and it is a brand I trust.