if you were a cat, what would you call the best cat toy evar? ^_^
Hmm... everything that can call my human's attention? Emotion: wink
Well, according to all of my string-loving cats, the best toy in the world is STRING! Emotion: big smile

Red STRING! Emotion: gift

Blue STRING! Emotion: surprise

Yellow STRING! [Emotion: party]

Straight STRING! Emotion: love

Curly STRING! [Luv]

Balls of STRING! Emotion: giggle

Seriously! I have spent a small fortune on all kinds of toys that I thought would tickle their fancy, but the only thing that keeps them entertained and amused is STRING! Emotion: rofl
string is something jake loves too! ^_^ also those candy wrappers.. he knows when i'm havng a candy and will come waiting for a ball to play with! ^_^
Mine all used to play with candy wrappers ... well ... at least until they discovered STRING! LOL
Anything not nailed down..

If it can roll, bounce, move, brake etc. - It's a cat toy!
it seems stormy and ruslana would make very naughty cats! ^_^
Nino likes a mouse which i have bought from IKEA. It is actually meant for babies from 0 months... He plays with it very often.

So i guess that is the best cat toy ever. :-)
Barsik had a mechanical toy mouse that could move on its own, and I think it always puzzled him. Instead of playing, he always stared at it trying to understand what that "devilry" was and what had to be done with it, lol. He could occasionally touch it with his paw but that was it. Emotion: giggle