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RuslanaA good decision! I don't like it either when owners train their dogs to be agressive. There's too much agression in our life to bring up more. It seems I've seen some dogs like that (Jack Russells) before. Cuties! hehe
I agree!! The only people IMO who need to train a dog to be aggressive are those in the police and security.

They are lovely my mum has one Emotion: big smile
Let me school you

1)Fila (brazil)

2)Tosa (japan)

3)Presa (cannary island)

4)boerbel (south africa)

5)caucassian ovchkara (russia)

6)Bully Kutta (pakistan)

7)bandog (U.S.A)

8)neo mastiff (italy)

9)dog de bordoux (france)

10)cane corso (italy)

These 10 dogs would put to shame your list of dogs.But dont take my word for it do your own research for yourself.You will thank me...........PEACE P.S
are mastiffs really that good!!!!!
Mastiffs are a hit and miss,some are too slow and mild, Bull mastiffs tend to better then English ones.
A well trained American Bulldog or APBT can make wonderful protection dogs,though they often bark no matter what but many are very mild with humans. Also Staffordshire Terriers or Am bullies are not as good,and I consider less then German Shepherds and Dobermans.
Rottweilers have the natural guard dog instinct like German Shepherds and Dobermans but more powerful. My Rottweiler likes most people but has shown extreme protection and territorial behavior. If someone is threatening me or him he will try to attack,though also any man acting unusual may have the same affect. having a dog like this is risky though and I would get kicked out of many places. He was of amateur breeding and had human and animal aggression when I got him.
Even my Parents Newfoundland barks and threatens trespassers but he still keeps a distance of like a foot or two and doesn't bite, he scared off a intruder that was hanging around the bushes at night though. Newfoundlands are not protection dogs but can be guard dogs,though most are too mild so don't get them as a guard dog only,or even depend on it.
I feel German Shepherds are a bit better then Dobermans generally also.
Belgian Malinois have a high drive and aggression but lack power,which may be a good thing because the more powerful dogs can cause major damage to a human,and you may not want the person dead and mutilated.
Dutch Shepherds,Presa Canarios,Ovtcharka's, Dogo argentino's,Kuvasz and sometimes Tosa's are great but harder to find and get. you'll likely have to get a puppy your barely know anything about shipped to you. With Fila's there are really good ones but I heard some negative reactions towards them also.
This may sound strange, but Miniature Schnauzers can be good guard dogs, too. My grandmother had one of our two Schanuzers in her lap in the passenger seat when we got pulled over by a cop. He came up to the passenger window, and my dog made a sound I'd never heard her make: It was vicious and protective, and enough so that the police officer went over to the other side of the car! My grandmother had to hold her muzzle to keep her from possibly attacking the officer. You go little Miniature Schnauzer!
Next time you "school" others, school yourself first please. There is no such a breed as caucassian ovchkara. But there is caucassian ovcharka what means shepherds dog.
My westie is always first at the door when we have visitors and sits by the backdoor, outside, refusing to come back in until we've gone to bed. He's a great guard dog.
think everyone knew what was meant! Smart Alec!!
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