Hello dear cats, dogs and my dearest friends, the rodents!

My name is Bigotes, I'm a hamster that just reached adulthood, and I will tell you the story of my life, that despite I'm young, I have lots of things to tell!

Here I go:

I don't exactly remember the day I was born, what I know is that I am an adult now - Obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be here jumping from one from one key to another one on this keyboard, I would be at school!

When I was very little a girl came to my house and said "I want to give home to this cutie" - (Hehe, it's not that I think I'm good-looking, but I'm a real cutie!). So someone put me in a little box and all I could see was people around me smiling and wanting to see me. (What did they think I was, anyway? It was pretty stressing!)

Well, at first they didn't know how to treat me, I think it was the first time they saw a hamster as cute as me, so they only gave me hamster food, when I was dying for some vegetables!

One day the eldest girl gave me something green, that looked like lettuce, I tasted it and it tasted great so I took it and hide it in my igloo - She looked a quite impressed, what a silly girl! We, the hamsters, LOVE vegetables! Since then on, they always give me vegetables! Emotion: smile

Now I go partying every night, run in my pink wheel, drink water of first quality and eat at the best restaurants.

I love my house, now I have a cotton igloo as well - It's great, I built it on my own! But I hate the fact that they just remove it every once in a while. It takes me like a whole night to build it, and then I have to do it once and again! Once I tried to construct my igloo inside the igloo of plastic, thinking they wouldn't be able to take it away from me, but still - They managed it! Emotion: sad

It's so tiring!

Apart from that, I am happy with my house and my owners!

Emotion: smile

That's all for today, I'm tired of jumping, I must have lost 5 kilos or so! I'll be back, though!

See ya, folks!
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Barsik is here. Emotion: rock

Hey Bigotes! Nice to meet you. By my own experience I can tell you that humans don't always get it what we need so don't fret out if your humans don't behave smartly every now and then. Sometimes they need us calling them to do something because they won't grasp it themselves. For example every time they go to eat, I have to meow them back because it is no fun to be alone in the room - but nooo they would never figure it out themselves so I have to do what I do.

Anyway, always remember that they need training. Feel free to ask me if you need any tip. [Per]
Hi Barsik!

Nice to meet you too, I hope we will get on well. (Considering that you are a cat and I am a hamster...)
RuslanaAnyway, always remember that they need training. Feel free to ask me if you need any tip.

Are you talking seriously? How can I train them?

By the way, I forgot to say in my introduction that I also eat bread - Actually, I love it! [8-8]

Oh, yesterday they destroyed my cotton house again, I'm furious! How can they destroy my house? I will train them and show them that they can't just destroy a house that takes me 3 days to construct it and make it perfect!
CaRpE_dIeMI hope we will get on well. (Considering that you are a cat and I am a hamster...)

No worries about that, I do not have anything againts hamsters. Emotion: rock So you'd like to know how to train your humans?.. Hmmm.... I think cat ways and hamster ways may differ slightly, but I'll gladly share my experience hoping that it can be useful for your too. But at first I have to find something out. How do you usually attract their attention? Can you utter any loud sounds?.. Sorry for such a question but I know so little about you rodents... Emotion: geeked
Well, I have never shouted, my friends do shout when they get angry - But I do attract their attention when I start riding on my wheel - It's noisy, so they always come to see how I run and jump!
RuslanaNo worries about that, I do not have anything againts hamsters.

That is such a relief!
Hey but this means your humans are already trained in a way! You see: you make the action A and they are very likely to make the action B. Well done, boy! By the way, I didn't expect that even a little hamster can train people that well - this proves how hopeless humans are. Emotion: big smile
LOL - Indeed!

How are you doing? Anything new? Emotion: smile

The other day I tried a piece of banana, and loved it. Do you like bananas? And bread? What do you eat?
Meeeows thanks for asking. Nothing much new here. I don't eat bananas (it would stick between my teeth and I hate it) but I eat olives. I just loooove 'em! Every time I've eaten one, I want to roll over on the floor. These non-witted humans think that I have the creeps but actually I just feel happy that they've given me that little addictive thingie, eheh. Bread isn't for me either... don't take it personally but I don't get it how people can eat that dry substance. What a difference if we speak about raw beef... Emotion: nodding Don't get scared though. Emotion: big smile
Wow - You have a weird taste!!!!

The day I try those things, I will let you know. But it's likely that I won't, they don't really sound tasty...Emotion: zip it
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